Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Joy of Tweeting!

Some recent Tweets - Short & Sweet!

Reports of "low morale" in the police forces is a euphemism for sulking. They have had it too good for too long, & it's *got* to stop!!

Now that alleged "bigots" (racists) have been vindicated, how about addressing the frenzied "homophobic" slurs using the same yardstick?

I believe that most 'Atheists' are Agnostic, for to give the matter so much consideration is to be in its thrall ...

... oh that it was as simple as that. We were all part of nothing for ever before our birth, and so it will be again!

there is much about our bizarre existence that is far beyond our puny comprehension; thus anything is possible!

Why is Dave cocking about with 'gay' marriage & House of Lords reform, when most people don't give a stuff? Do something sensible Mr PM ...

Will people have to prove they are homosexual in order to take advantage of new 'gay marriage' laws - & how? Who will be 'Mr' & who 'Mrs'?

Do the so-called 'public services' not realise that the Country cannot afford their shrill cries for evermore money & perks? We're broke!

 "Public Services?" - an oxymoron if ever there was one, for what is now a 'feedfest' of self-serving greed & incompetence.

Two matters weigh heavily on the quality of my life & reflect typically the malignancy of the Blair administration: gay marriage & Salmond!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Just a fleeting glimpse ...

Life is such a wonderful experience which carries us through the years in varying stages of wonderment. With changing excitements and challenges it is a rich pageant of awareness and a looking toward the future and all it holds in store for us.

However, much of life is overshadowed by the ever-present dread of mortality. How can anyone feel secure and happy throughout life's journey, knowing its inevitable conclusion? How sad to know that all the loving relationships that have been nurtured are meaningless, and that the relentless passage of time will erase all such awareness and happiness for ever - never again to be recalled.

We are never to know why ...

Monday, 31 January 2011

Imposition of bad law!

And therein lies the problem, slavish adherence to a bad law introduced by an ardent feminist, in a discredited government with a heavy liberal left-wing bias, pandering to strident minority extremists.

Not all law is good law and this Marxist meddling into every facet of our lives is not what Conservatives (and others) want. Favouring selected sections of our society, over and above decency and humanity, is not democratic and it's not fair.

The Equality Act, and many like it, needs repealing. Had the Conservative Party not been obliged to 'bed down' with the 'Liberals' then such matters would have been addressed. Unfortunately, Mr Cameron is a professional politician and he will be very wary of the self-interest public sector client state and other privileged groupings.

Our freedom is precious and we must guard against those who want to regulate it with restrictive biased agendas.

The Equalities Act

We have historically always enjoyed the freedom to say as we please, without fear of repercussions, but always within the bounds of that which is conventional and acceptable to the company which we are in. This not a demographic which can be imposed or regulated and it is impossible to be equitably and equably laid down in law, as there are far too many variables.

Thus it is very wrong to create legislation which empowers certain people and groups to have authority over others, who fall outside those favoured parameters. The cultural and social behaviour of our society has been inherited over centuries. That it is in turmoil is the result of recent Government ideology allowing cultural changes which are at odds with our historic past.

The explosion in immigration together with the advances in political correctness and feminism, have marginalised millions of our population. Until those excesses have been addressed and regularised, and we all feel ‘equal’ once again, there will be continuing perceptions of ill-will and injustice. Until then there will be continuing and escalating misuse of authority by those with ulterior political bias.

Our Common Law is quite capable of protecting us all, if we don’t constantly keep tinkering with it in order to regulate society at the whim of special interest minority groupings.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Liberally speaking ...

Some of my recent Tweets on the 'cuts':

Why do liberal lefties throw up their hands in horror when someone speaks the truth? It can only be that it conflicts with their overbearing PC ideology.

Howard Flight should know better than give the PC Brigade (who always look to be offended) any ammunition to create a fuss. Clear case of humbug!

Making 'favourites' of certain sections of society, by interfering Liberals, is bound to create hostility & resentment among those excluded!

Tree hugging liberals must 'hug' all of us and not just those they patronise by declaring them in need of care and protection - they are all hypocrites!

Hostility to protected minority groups is an inevitable response to being told ad nauseam we must only follow the liberal way of doing and saying things.

If Liberals are such a good and shining example, then surely we would all follow without dissent. Why then, using PC, do they bully the rest of us so much?

Liberals force their views upon us using ostracism & hostility as weapons if we disapprove. Where is the liberalism in that? That's Fascism!

No fees for University was when there were very few students. Labour insisted everyone goes to college which was stupid & unaffordable. Cut all the daft courses now and select only the best qualified - job done!

With so many vested interests, the Liberal Left will not co-operate with any changes that threaten to redress New Labour statist policies!

We see the resolve of the Coalition wilting and the inevitable u-turns and dilution of declared policies emerge as predicted. How very sad!!

Given Ireland's parlous financial situation, is it not appropriate to give them another referendum and see if they can get it right this time?

Sunday, 14 November 2010

We will remember them ...

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them."

So very sad; my eyes brim with tears at the thought of all those dear young people who lost their lives - and continue to do so.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The Novel Network is a Scam!!!!

"The Novel Network is a Scam!!!!

Recently, I got suckered into joining The Novel Network. The site promises instant access and unlimited downloads to more than 30,000 ebooks, magazines, newspapers and more. All for a one-time fee of $49.95.

And it promises that you can read your books, magazines etc on a kindle, nook, any ebook reader or even directly on your pc or mac.

Sounds great, right?

The truth is that The Novel Network is nothing but a cleverly engineered scam. Once I had made the payment, I eagerly clicked the ebooks button and was redirected to which is essentially a directory of free public domain books!!!!

Books that I can access for free without having to pay $49.95 for!!!!!!

The magazine section isn't any better. Click on any magazine cover and you will be sent to that magazines website. I can do that myself. I certainly don't have to pay the scam artists at The Novel Network to do it for me.

So if you were thinking of subscribing to The Novel Network, take my advice for it and stay away!!!

And what about those sites telling you how wonderful The Novel Network is? Those are simple affiliates wanting to make a quick buck off you. Don't fall for it."

Unashamedly completely plagiarised from:

I GOT CAUGHT TOO!!  -  and the money-back guarantee is another part of this elaborate scam - don't you get caught too!!

24 November 2010 - UPDATE

I did in fact apply successfully for a full refund, which has just been credited to my account.